Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Using JIP with JBoss on Linux

I downloaded and unzip to the following directory:


Go to where you have JBoss installed
Copied run.sh to profile.sh
Add another JAVA_OPTS environment variable to profile.sh

JAVA_OPTS=" -javaagent:/home/corventis/tools/jip/profile/profile.jar -Dprofile.properties=/home/corventis/tools/jip/profile/jboss.profile.properties $JAVA_OPTS"

Use profile.sh to start JBoss instead of run.sh.

In the JIP directory run the following:

bash-3.00$ ./file.sh localhost 15599 /home/corventis/profile.xml

To start profiling use the following:

bash-3.00$ ./start.sh localhost 15599

When you are done testing:

bash-3.00$ ./finish.sh localhost 15599

Then run the JIP viewer to view the output:

bash-3.00$ java -jar ~/tools/jip/client/jipViewer.jar ~/profile.xml

in reference to: http://jiprof.sourceforge.net/ (view on Google Sidewiki)

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