Monday, May 2, 2016

Integrating TypeSafe Config and Konf.

Konf - Typed Java Config Integration

This allows you to combine TypeSafe config and Konf. You can have TypeSafe config be a fallback for Konf or the other way around.
You can load TypeSafe config as a Konf Config instance as follows:

Loading Typesafe config as a Konf Config object

        Config config = TypeSafeConfig.typeSafeConfig();
        final String abc = config.getString("abc");
        assertEquals("abc", abc);
You can also chain TypeSafe config as fallback or Konfig as a fallback for TypeSafe config as follows:

Konf as a fallback for TypeSafe config.

import static io.advantageous.config.ConfigLoader.config;
import static io.advantageous.config.ConfigLoader.configs;
import static io.advantageous.config.ConfigLoader.load;


    Config config;
        config = configs(TypeSafeConfig.typeSafeConfig(), config("test-config.js"));
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