Friday, January 1, 2016

Setting up my network

Setting up my home network again to do some testing. 
It has been a while since I setup my Linux "server" (Intel NUC) and network hub.
I meant to do it last year, but work got busy.

Spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to dual boot a laptop and setup the right partitions. It was a mere matter of googling to a certain level and the rest trial and err. Success goes to the persistent. 

I tried to setup VNC server on the two Linux servers so I could access them from my MacBook Pro (new), but no dice. The Apple VNC client could not connect to the Ubuntu shared desktop feature nor could Chicken of the VNC or JollyFastVNC. What a waste of time. It used to work in Ubuntu 12. I wish I could get those hours back. Anyway, I dug up some monitors in my supply of older equipment and got everything setup. I guess ssh will have to do and if I need more than that I can hook up a keyboard and monitor. 

I setup a network and a hub. I just hard coded the IP address on the private subnet. Each machine can also connect to the wireless network, but for load testing I want to use the wired version of the network over a 10 GB hub. I really want a 100 GB hub, but Santa did not provide. I have done this before. I should have taken notes. It would have gone a lot faster. 

I have a few older laptops that I might employ for other "servers" in my network. I plan on setting up Hadoop, Apache Spark, Graphite, Cassandra, Docker instances, and all sorts of fun things. 

I have been enjoying my new Apple Watch, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. Of course, I need the last two for work. :)

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