Friday, September 18, 2015

Do you want to understand QBit microservices lib? But not sure where to start?

Start with the overview:

Look at the tutorials:

(Coming soon Scala/sbt versions of all of the samples which are now Java/gradle.)

You want to be a pro at QBit Microservices...


Now read this:

QBit supports swagger, websocket, REST, service discovery, high-speed queryable stats (that can be replicated to StatsD), etc. 
QBit is built from the ground up to support Java/Scala microservices: async, service discovery, reactive metrics, api gateway development, distributed health checks, and run well in Cloud/PaaS/Container environments, etc.

Coming soon integration with Kafka (event bus, and async method call routing) and Redis.
(Currently distributed event bus works with websocket and Consul or PUSH JSON service discovery).

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