Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Microservices Architecture: How much was it influenced by Mobile applications?

Many of the articles and talks about microservices architecture leave out an important concept. They mention the influencers to microservices, but leave out one of the major influencers of microservices architecture: the mobile web and mobile native applicationsOne of the major influences to microservices architecture is the mobile web and the proliferation of native mobile applications. ...

Frameworks like AkkaQBitVert.xRatpack, Node.js, Restlets are more streamlined to support the communication/service backends of mobile application development which is more of a reactive microservices architecture approach to development focused on WebSocket, and HTTP calls with JSON and not on a classic three-tiered web application now named a monolith by the microservices architecture crowd (a term I do not like). 
The main influencers of reactive microservices architecture is mobile applications (native and mobile web), richer web application, cloud computing, NoSQL movement, continuous X (integration and deployment), and the backlash to traditional eat-the-world SOA. 

Read more about high-speed microservicesJava microservices architecture and reactive microservices from a series of articles that we wrote.

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