Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gluten Intolerance unless you have Celiacs disease is probably bullshit

There are people who want your money, and they will sell you whatever bullshit that you are willing to buy.

Gluten Intolerance May Not Exist (from the same guy who "discovered it").
If you are gluten intolerant, it is more likely that you are just open to suggestion and have a weak mind. "Peter Gibson, a professor,...published (the original) study that found gluten, a protein found in grains like wheat, rye, and barley, to cause gastrointestinal distress... By extension, the study also lent credibility to the meteoric rise of the gluten-free diet."

"Gibson wasn’t satisfied with his first study...." He redid a study with placebo and non placebo. "Analyzing the data, Gibson found that each treatment diet, whether it included gluten or not, prompted subjects to report a worsening of gastrointestinal symptoms to similar degrees. "


"But those who elect to put themselves on a gluten-free diet without consulting a physician may be creating problems for themselves in two ways." (LA TIMES)

"And there are broader concerns. Some dietitians worry about the long-term effects of a strict gluten-free diet on those who don't need to be on it, because in avoiding foods with gluten, people may give themselves nutritional deficiencies. Those who elect to go on the diet need to watch that they get adequate amounts of B vitamins, particularly folic acid, Badaracco says." (LA TIMES)

 "If you just Google the silly thing, there's all sorts of dietitians and medical professionals against it," Badaracco says. "They're just not organized yet to [band together and] say, 'You know what? This is ridiculous.' "


Too bad the study on gluten intolerance came out after ASAPScience guys did their video on Gluten because then it would say that Gluten intolerance is mostly a myth and you really only have to worry about Gluten if you have Celiac disease.



Most people on Gluten free diets do not know what Gluten is.

"Now that there’s a multibillion-dollar market for gluten-free foods, people are ready to ask the essential question: What is gluten anyway?"

"Last week, Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter out to ask people who don't eat gluten what it was they were avoiding. None of them knew. " LATIMES

1 in 133 people have Celiacs disease if you do not have it, then Gluten is not a problem for you.


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