Saturday, April 12, 2014

Boon JSON explained to non technical folks (my relatives, neighbors, etc.)

When I say Groovy JSON support and the Boon JSON parser are up to 5x faster than Jackson at parsing JSON? Most people say "what are you talking about"? Let me explain.

JSON is the way business, web sites and mobile phones talk to online services. If you have ever used a mobile phone or a website, there is a good chance you have used JSON. Java is the #1 programming language in the world. Jackson is the #1 JSON parser for Java.

Jackson is consistently faster than GSON. GSON is a Java JSON parser from Google.

Boon JSON parser is also a Java JSON parser that I wrote. The new Groovy 2.3 JSON parser (which is based on the Boon JSON parser) are faster than Jackson which is faster than GSON. How much faster?

Groovy JSON support and the Boon JSON parser are up to 3x to 5x faster than Jackson.

So let's say your neighbor bought a new Corvette and he called that Corvette Jackson...

Jackson JSON Parser

Hey that is very nice, and fast!

Well you just bought a jet engine named Boon, and rocket ship named Groovy. So while he is doing 140 MPH, you are breaking the sound barrier! Of course now all of your neighbors hate you, but you own a space ship and a rocket so who cares!

Groovy JSON Parser

Boon JSON Parser

The new Groovy JSON parser 2.3 based on Boon JSON parser is 20x faster than the previous Groovy JSON parser circa Groovy 2.2. So Groovy JSON support was like riding a fast horse, but now it is a fighter jet.

Groovy JSON Parser 2.2

Groovy JSON Parser 2.3

Boon JSON and Groovy JSON Benchmarks.

(Maybe not the best choice for horse, but when I think of horse riding, I think of the toughest leader who can probably beat up Chuck Norris riding shirtless no political affiliation or social commentary implied whatsoever.)

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