Monday, January 6, 2014

JMeter vs. Gatling Fact checking FUD:.. Astroturfing, Cowardly SHILL! Coward! Competitor Shill! Astroturphing MF

I find this post by an obvious competitor disgusting.

It says fact checking but it is an obvious JMeter shill. 
I find it rather odd that the "fact checker" choses his facts to make a competitor project look bad.

Looking at his twitter account and his "facts", it obvious that this is somebody who makes their livelihood from a competitor project. Every post other post on is twitter account is pro-JMeter and pro-JMeter plugins. 

He does not use his real name in his twitter and his blog account. And the astro-turfing shill blocks comments on his blog. 

See for yourself.. scroll back to April when this was created.


A blog that has two posts that are both anti-Gatling, and a twitter account that is all pro-JMeter.

This is not a fact checker, but a shill. My message to pboss2013: "You sir are a liar and a sack of shit.".

An anonymous twitter full of pro-JMeter posts and anti-anything else, and a blog with two posts that are both anti your competitor. Did he think no one would notice?

He is not a fact checker. He is a coward. 

--Rick Hightower

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