Thursday, April 21, 2011

The rationale for Ceylon, Red Hat's new programming language

  • Ceylon has really caught my eye. I am looking for a Strong Typed, slimmed down Java friendly language. I could not agree more about "the lambda calculus used only by theoretical computer scientists". AMEN! 

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    • It also seems like a matter of strong personal preference for King—his slides include a rather trollish dismissal of programming languages that are based on "the lambda calculus used only by theoretical computer scientists."
    • We looked closely at Scala, but we collectively concluded that it wasn't the right thing for us. Personally, I find that Scala's type system is simply more complex than I want or need, with several features I think actually harm understandability/readability, and I find its syntax a bit of a dog's breakfast.
      • I don't think it is too eccentric. There are language features that Scala provides that just make sense. However, they will never see the light of day for most developers. Scala will never be widely adopted. 

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  1. Ceylon also describes the method name and the default parameters, which is a key use case (in Java) of the overloaded methods. Method can also be the approach taken to create higher-order method.

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