Monday, January 10, 2011

What am I going to be when I grow up

I have landed in the bay area. I now live in Pleasanton CA. I work remotely a few days of the week and go into the office a few days a week. I work with a lot of home grown frameworks.

Gone are my consulting and traveling days. I have too many responsibilities at home to roam the globe (ok it was more like U.S. and Canada). This is a blessing.

I used to target a technology based on what I wanted to work with. Then I would find work. Then I would become an expert. Then I would write courseware. Then I would find more work.

Now there are more important issues. Are the work hour flexible? Can I work from home a few days of the week to be near my children and not stuck in a commute all of the time? Is there good public transit? I can't stand driving in traffic.

more thoughts later.

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